African Bushman Chocolate

African Bushman Chocolate

African Bushman Chocolate

Feinste Schokolade – verfeinert mit erlesenen Früchten und Gewürzen:

The Original Afrikan Bushman chocolate is a unique native Akan Chocolate production based on endless years of long traditional cocoa deluxe in taste using organic cocoa mass, clean biological cocoa butter, pure Caribbean Cane sugar and a wide spectrum of traditional African herbs and spices

The native concept of African Bushman chocolate
Foremost our chocolate is designed using oral traditional recipes from the jungles of Africa
and vital information’s allotted by the elders within our Bush community. Our chocolate has no shape or sizes. All we create in line of our production is simply the Jungle Format .It is simply described the best chocolate made rough, wild and tailor measured to taste delicious. This is Chocolate back to the roots of Africa.

The secret behind our chocolate is that we do not produce our chocolates rather our is cooked like the big African mama does cooks her big pot of soup. As the Chocolate smelts to the right temperature, other ingredients are added and stirred till the chocolate shines with love and attraction. This our kitchen made chocolate benefit enormously from our rich gastronomic background which spans from my great grand mother, my pap a one time production manager in the chocolate business, my cooking teacher mama and my auntie a retired chef all based in Ghana.

Currently, the bushman chocolate has in line of our kitchen production 10 different sorts of wonderful chocolate which are induced and infused with spices and chillies from west Africa, flavoured habaneros from Buganda land, wild Safari lemon grass from Massai land in Tanzania and mostly significantly Organic Forestiro cocoa beans from the Eastern region in Ghana.

What one gets from the Original Bushman Chocolate?

– Pleasant and unique flavours and taste
– Gives a sense of long lasting good choco feelings
– Provides self assurance and harmony between body and soul
– Ensures a potent and a moral connection to Africa
– The wide range of exotic fruits and nuts triggers off positive love reactions at all times and all year long

Wir sind wieder Da!

Wir haben produziert und ab jetzt könnt ihr euch wieder eure Lieblings-Chocolate bestellen 🙂

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